Property Profits Network Mastermind

& Craig Keegan

The primary objective is to build an instant Property Industry Professional Referal Network to have a continuous supply of clients

How do we do this? Let me explain below.


A 30 minute webinar endorsed by your partners and promoted to your partners 20,000+ property investors. For Free......

Referral Partners

Work with 10-12 Property Industry Professionals on a weekly basis. Work in a co-operative and supportive environment rather than a competitive environment.

Everyone is here with the same objective, the same goal, to help each other, which will help themselves

Fortnightly Meetings

Would it be worth spending One hour a Fortnight to get new clients?

Our meetings are 1 hour every 2 weeks, set in stone in your calendar, with less than 5 minutes commute time.

Your time is valued and respected.

Business Support

Woud you like access to PROVEN service providers? Service Providers who have been tested and proven by others you value and trust. This can save you $10,000's and Months of time.

Valueing your time and building your business is our goal.

Who Is This For?

This is for Property Industry Professionals or Property Service Privders that ae looking to excel over the next 12 months.

Are you an employee and think tht Client Acquisition is not your job, there are others for that.

Let me ask you, if you bought Clients into the business, how would that make you look in your business? Would that put you above your collegues for the next promotion?

You create a Client Acquisition strategy that will be the envy of your collegues

This is for the Property Industry Professional that wants to leverage thier time, save their time, and work with Clients rather than tyre kicking Leads.

You may already have a network or partners, so you appreciate the value, well this will be setup and managed for you, with other non-competing indusry professionals that only want to help you.

I am an Australian self employed business owner of since 1994

I am a qualified Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker & Vendor Financier

I am a qualified Small Scale Share Issuer

I have been a property investor since 1994, very active in the investment community since 2003

I have been published by CBS, FOX, NBC and abc

I am the Co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Making Empowering Choices”

I spent 30 years in IT as a Solutions Architect, Project Manager and Business Analyst

I have been married since 1994, I have a Son at University studying IT & Innovation

I am the Founder of the Property Profits Network, setting up Mastermind groups for Property Industry professionals.

Free Resources


You will find some amazing videos and postings that will really add value.


There are a variety of ebooks that I have for public release.


You will find some great vaue videos here to help you out.

eLearning Program

This is an ongoing, continually updated eLearning program where you will gain access to some extra-ordinary resources.

Celebrity Interactions

It is always important to be around high achievers and discover the screts of success